How Does One Cut a triangle 1990

How Does One Cut A Triangle?, by Alexander Soifer

ISBN 0-940263-01-7

The problems faithfully reflect the world famous Russian school of mathematics, whose folklore is carefully interwoven with more traditional topics. Many of the problems are drawn from the author's rich repertoire of personal experiences, dating back to his younger days as an outstanding competitor in his native Russia, and spanning decades and continents as an organizer of competitions at the highest level.


The book contains a very nice collection of problems of various difficulty. I particularly liked the problems on combinatorics and geometry.


Professor Soifer has put together a splendid collection of elementary problems designed to lead students into significant mathematical concepts and techniques. Highly recommended.


Retelling the best solutions and sharing the secrets of discovery are part of the process of teaching problem solving. Ideally, this process is characterized by mathematical skill, good taste, and wit. It is a characteristically personal process and the best such teachers have surely left their personal marks on students and readers. Alexander Soifer is a teacher of problem solving and his book, MATHEMATICS AS PROBLEM SOLVING, is designed to introduce problem solving to the next generation.

-- CECIL ROUSSEAU in The American Mathematical Monthly

To assemble so much material of the type used in Mathematical Olympiads, which has been tried and tested there, is unusual. To then present it in a form which develops themes, supported by relevant examples and problems for the reader, does the author great credit.

-- R. W. WHITWORTH in The Mathematical Gazette

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